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again, thank you for watching. i am bill o'reilly. remember, the spin stops right here. definitely looking out for you. welcome to "hannity." tonight, prosecution gave closing arguments in the george zimmerman murder traiial. we'll play highlight, and there were other bombshells, allowing the jury to consider a lesser charge of manslaughter. that's not all. the prosecution tried to get the judge to allow third degree murder, saying george zimmerman committed child abuse when he killed trayvon martin. desperate attempt drew sharp outrage from the defense. watch this. >> just when i thought this case couldn't get any more bizarre, the state is seeking third degree murder based on child
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abu abuse? is the court going to give this serious contention or consideration? if so, we have a lot of talking to do. when trayvon martin is shot straddling george zimmerman, pummelling him, that somehow george zimmerman was engaged in child abuse? judge, this was a trick. doesn't the court realize this was a trick -- >> my -- >> judge nelson ruled against the state's request, saying the evidence doesn't support third degree murder. then came prosecution's closing statement, it was laced with profanity, conspiracy theories and innuendo and even a shot at little old me in the interview. >> to quote the defendant. pardon my language. he's one of those [ bleep ] that get away. pardon my language. one of those [ bleep ]ing punks. why does this defendant get out of car if he thinks trayvon martin is a threat to him?
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why? why? because he's got a gun! he's got the equalizer. he will take care of it. a want to be cop. he will take care of it. he's got a gun and my god, it's his community and he's not going to put up with it. police are taking too long to respond, he will handle it. >> then we move on to july 20, 2013. mr. hannity, giving him home runs, easy questions, can't even get that right, because he tells one lie after another. listen. >> the issue when you said -- on the 911 call that he's running, you said that to the dispatch. is there any chance in retrospect as you look back on that night and what happen, trying to maybe get into the mind-set, we have learned that trayvon was speaking to his girlfriend at the time, he was afraid of you, didn't know who you were?
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>> no. >> you don't think -- why do you think he was running then? >> maybe i said he was running -- >> you said he was running. >> yes. like skipping, going away quickly. but he wasn't running out of fear. >> you can tell the? >> he wasn't running. >> he wasn't actually running? >> no, sir. >> let me ask you a very simple question. well, perhaps trayvon martin was scared of you, since you're following him, and he's running away from you. so he realizes at that time -- the defendant realizes, oh, that doesn't look good, that means i'm chasing him. that means trayvon martin is the one that's scared. doesn't look good for me, so what does he say, oh, he's skipping away. la, la, la. that's what he claims. >> all right.
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joining me now to weigh in on all today's developments, defense attorney jose baez, lapd detective mark fuhrman. judge alex and anna. >> you can't make a case on a prosecutor if you are raising questions, asking the jury what about this. couldn't it be that? you are doing what the judge usually does, creating reasonable doubt. >> inference, hypotheses. >> i do agree, you shouldn't asked questions, but you should answer them for the jury. summation is about giving the answers, tell them what are you going to prove in the beginning, hopefully you prove that, and you tell that story based on the evidence. profanity was the words of
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george zimmerman. they are painting the picture or attempting to of a man who went too far. he law enforcement aspirations, that were quashed. wanted to finally be the hero. i think that's why they did that. got a lot of points that they needed to. however, i'm concerned that the jury doesn't have it all together as neatly and powerfully as they need to. >> tomorrow, i bet it's all brought together. >> rebuttal is where the defense doesn't get to respond. they are saving the best and most couple of clopowerful clos defense doesn't get to get up. >> jose baez. >> i don't think this was ber e bernie's best day. i found it over the top, too much screaming, sarcastic at times, and i don't think you persuade that day. presentation was very off. giving inconsistent statements, he didn't have inconsistent
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statements one right after the other. filled in the blanks for the jury. >> i didn't think so either. mark fuhrman, your thought on closing? >> i agree with jose baez. it was uninuninspiring, false a, bad acting. i just didn't like it, and it's interesting, the prosecution has still not walked us through the movements of both the victim and the suspects so we can clearly see where we interacted and where they did not. >> yeah, i guess the heart of this, judge alex, did george zimmerman reasonably believe that he needed to use force to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm? that was the burden of the prosecution. did they get anywhere near that? >> really haven't throughout the case. i can't blame the prosecution. they start with a lack of evidence. trying to make a silk purse out
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of a sfow's ear. that's why we have all of the witnesses beneficial to the defense that were the prosecution's. they had to call what they had and try to make a case out of that. >> anna sigga, you tried murder cases and you have never lost one. >> i have been fortunate. >> how do you get beyond the one-eyewitne one-eyewitness, mma, ground and pound, consistent with that story? and get beyond reasonable doubt? >> they are beyond a reasonable doubt, not for murder, but for manslaughter. this comes down if he believes he was going to die, and i say no. >> or great bodily harm. fine. this guy's first words to the neighbor said he was about to kill me, i was being suffocated? no. he said i was being beaten up. >> that's an assumption on your part. not backed by the evidence. >> not an assumption.
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those were his words. part of the evidence, you can make reasonable inferences on the evidence. jonathan good, good for the defense, putting trayvon martin on top, also good for the prosecution. you start to pick apart george zimmerman's statements. he didn't have his head bashed repeatedly. >> ten seconds of the fighting. out there two to ten seconds. a lot more time. the doctor also testifies that the cuts on the head, they aren't serious are evidence of a serious impact of the skull. >> the big scene, jose, is they try to minimize the injuries and say he's a want to be cop. where is the evidence to support these theories? >> well, you know, again, judge alex said it correctly, that they just didn't have the evidence to start with. there was a reason he wasn't arrested immediately. they didn't have the evidence. if he didn't have any friends on
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the force. they had to fire the prosecutor in this case and appoint another one. no one felt they had the evidence. now uit's a big surprise they can't prove their case? i think we saw this coming all along and this is what you're seeing unfold in the courtroom, the truth. >> mark fuhrman, they tried to make a big point in closing by saying trayvon did nothing criminal. if he assaulted george zimmerman and the evidence suggests with the broken nose, lacerations, injuries, consistent with the story. i would say assault is a crime, is it not? >> it is. and it is also the beginning of the confrontation that leads to the shooting. wheat interestin what's interesting, if i'm handling this case and walking through witness statements, suspect statements, evidence from the victim, the forensic evidence matches zimmerman and the star witness of the prosecution actually gives me that moment that they are within
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36 inches of each other and a blow to the head is possible and that blow is delivered by trayvon martin. there is conversation, then the blow, then the fight, phone goes dead. we do know right from the prosecution who threw the first blow, and who actually made the first aggressive comment. >> we'll take a break. more with our panel after the break. quick programming note. tune in tomorrow night, 9:00 p.m. eastern as wewaiting the verdict. a live studio audience with attorneys, members of law enforcement, other experts. later tonight, here on "hannity." >> you cannot defend yourself over a pack of skittles and iced tea. don't talk to us like we're stupid. don't talk to us like we're ignore a ignorant. we love our children like you love yours. >> that was al sharpton last
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why? i guess attempted in some way. you decide whether she's telling the truth. this is what she said. she just wanted to keep the family from pain. she isn't sophisticated and can't read cursive unfortunately. i had a day that a witness would be judged not on the color of her personality, but the content of her testimony. >> that is the prosecutor on the testimony of rachel jeantel. we have jose baez, judge alex, mark furman and anna si fwnch ga
6:16 pm
nicolazzi. >> there were times that the defense was soft on her. i think they were insecure about her. he spent a significant amount of time trying to rehabilitate her in his klossing. they are concerned about it. i'm not so sure the jury is. >> what do you think, mark fuhrman? >> i think that her opportunity to talk to the detectives, to talk to the prosecutors, to be deposed and then comes up at the trial, a statement was the last thing she heard was get off, get off. i think you would be inclined to disregard her entire testimony. if you just disregard that point, she gave the defense the start of their case mid prosecution when she described the conversation and the aggressive nature which trayvon martin confronted george zimmerman. >> judge alex, let's go to the
6:17 pm
question of irregularities. the former police chief talking about the pressure brought to bear on him. the president, my son would look like trayvon. now we learned this week the department of justice was helping organize some of these rallies at the time. you picked up on a couple of other irregularities. explain. >> first of all, in any homicide investigation, do you not do what you did in this case. go pick up rachel jeantel, a critical witness in the case, swoop down, pick her up with trayvon's mother and trayvon's mother's lawyer. go to trayvon's mother's house and sit her down next to ms. fulton and interview her. >> that's outrageous. is that reason for appeal? >> no, but, wait a minute, why would a prosecution do this? no homicide case you wouldn't
6:18 pm
jeopardize your case to appease everybody. the mother, father, brother, relatives, all in one room at the same time. when one says it's trayvon, it poisons all the other. they tainted the family's testimony which hurt the case. that's one of the things that makes you go this is not right. >> you agree? >> i do agree with this. i think the evidence is there. i think they hurt the case. how did they not pick up trayvon martin's cell phone the night he died and go to that person on the phone with him minutes before right away? why the prosecution came forward, i don't necessarily agree with that? i think there was social pressure, political pressure, all the way around. but i think a lot was incomplete police work. >> mark fuhrman. >> i have an answer for that. >> jose, go ahead. >> yes, i do. trayvon martin's phone died and
6:19 pm
law enforcement did not have the code to access it, and he was -- they were attempting to obtain that from the family, which at that point refused to cooperate with law enforcement. so trayvon martin's family found this witness and did not advise law enforcement or the defense they had this witness before interviewing them. this was not an issue dealing with law enforcement. it was an issue with law enforcement and mr. crump. >> you were very clear about the social pressure forced this case into the courtroom. >> it was horrendous, and let's not forget the elephant in the living room this is a case about race. all the pressure about race. what's going on in the courtroom, about race, and i want to make a point, two points really. mr. bae sfwlnch brought up something, the reason the police
6:20 pm
couldn't get this number. the first thing, you get a search warrant on the cell phone of the victim, search warrant of the residence of the victim so you can search that for potential evidence of who the perpetrator might have had a connection with. so that's an excuse. and anna said something -- you gave her a compliment, she never lost a homicide case. i will tell you, that's because she has filed good cases with enough evidence to go to trial. i would ask her this. would she want to try this case, file this case and try it if she had the case. >> i wouldn't mind being in the courtroom on the case, what i've seen, i think there is a case to bring to the jury. a lot of bumps in the road? would i be happy with all of the problems? no. you always want the best case. part of the job as prosecutors is to present it, get to the truth and we believe in someone's guilt. i've seen it from the outside looking in, and i've been
6:21 pm
watching it closely, and i think he's guilty based on the evidence. i don't see it for the murder, but for the lesser charge. i don't think they necessarily overcharged. >> one last question for everybody. jose, i'll start with you. what should the verdict be? what will the verdict be? >> as to what it should be, i wasn't in the courtroom every day, but i do think based on what i have seen, they will come back possibly -- a good shot they will come back with they have the option. >> yes, they do. >> what should the verdict be? >> what should the verdict be? i think there's -- you have a case filled with reasonable doubt, and the evidence not there. if should be not guilty. >> mark, what will it be, what should it be? >> i think it should be not guilty because of the same reasons mr. baez just offered, and i think it's a hung jury, and one or two jurors will hold
6:22 pm
it up. regardless of which way it will go. >> i don't think it will be a hung jury. but when you sequester jurors, a group of women like that, they will bond, talk about things they can talk about, which is family and stuff, makes it easier to come to a verdict. >> what will it be? what should it be? >> i think it will be an acquittal. but it is possibly manslaughter. because it's so tragic and they might want to compromise. >> i am superstitious, so i won't predict, but i would say manslaughter. >> you really don't. that's the scary part for people who deserve an acquittal. good panel tonight. thank you very much. a lot more to come. just in time for the zimmerman ver, the broward county sheriff's office has put out a psa urging protesters to be
6:23 pm
peaceful. reverend al sharpton calling for calm. this al sharpton? >> you cannot defend yourself over a pack of skittles and iced tea. don't talk to us like we're stupid, don't talk to us like we're ignorant. we love your children like you love yours. >> we'll debate the politics of race in this case coming up later. pick the video of the day. option number two. harrowing footage, what can happen during a flash flood. want to see this in entirety, logon and vote. we'll continue. frequent heartburn? the choice is yos. chalky... not chalky. temporary... 24 hour. lots of tablets... one pill. you decide. prevent acid with prevacid 24hr.
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thanks for staying with us. welcome back to "hannity." the zimmerman trial comes to a close, police agencies are planning for protests when the verdict comes down. a youtube video to encourage nonviolence. al sharpton called for peace. considering he was in florida last year stirring up trouble. >> no justice!
6:28 pm
>> no peace. >> no justice! >> no peace! >> you cannot defend yourself against a pack of skittles and iced tea. don't talk to us like we're stupid. don't talk to us like we're ignorant. we love your children like you love yours. >> no justice, no peace? really? we have valerie boise joining us, mark fuhrman back with us. valerie, you were there when all of this was going on. you see the effort now going into potential trouble. what is going on on the ground there? >> well, i can tell you, sean, today i talked to the police chief, and he can't really tell us about a whole lot of information, but he said so far, he doesn't think there will be any trouble, he thinks it will be peaceful. his name is chief cecil smith.
6:29 pm
going door to door, promoting peace in the community, and we had lots of forums here, again, promoting peace. people in the community want to get along, and a lot of people think if there is going to be trouble it may be from people coming outside in. >> remember people bused in, and we learned this week, the department of justice had something to do it. you were in the courtroom for the entire trial. there foreclosing arguments by the prosecution. give us insight. what was going on in the courtroom today? >> well, what was going on, the jurors were pretty much sitting back watching the closing arguments for the first hour. b-29, only minority on the jury, taking a lot of notes and got kind of upset when she listened to the tapes of george zimmerman interviewed by the investigators and looking around the world. looked at trayvon martin's parents and zimmerman's parents
6:30 pm
and robert and gladys zimmerman, first time back in the courtroom. originally they had to leave, because they were witnesses in the case and today robert zimmerman did not look happy when prosecutors talked down about his son. >> i was watching closing arguments. george zimmerman didn't know the dre address or the street. the sprinkler box could have caused his injuries. was he scared? is that effective? >> the prosecution in my opinion, and i listened to the other guests on earlier. the prosecution did a pretty fo good job with closing arguments. sean, you and i have been talking about this daily. every day i've said this case will end as a manslaughter charge. i've been saying that for three
6:31 pm
weeks. listen to what prosecutors said today in the closing arguments, they hammered on murder two, all of the elements for murder two. why did they do that? the way that it actually works, the jury will come back with a manslaughter verdict. that's the way -- that's the argument and i think that's the strategy that the prosecution has pursued. >> all right. but did he have the standard for self-defense? back to mark fuhrman on that? >> you know, at the beginning of this, sean, i didn't like this case, but as you see all the facts and all of the witnesses, you can clearly see that the defense, whether you agree with george zimmerman's feelings about great bodily harm and imminent death or not, he believed it, and he was a -- a soft body that didn't know how to fight and on his back, and he was in his first fight and tasting his own blood, he felt
6:32 pm
his head hit the concrete, no matter how that happened. he got scared to the point where he thought the only thing he could do is pull out his gun. to get out of that hurdle, the prosecution will have to have a statement from george zimmerman after the fact or before the fact. they have neither, or they will have to have an eyewitness that hears him say something or sees something that actually creates that reckless disregard for life and put trayvon martin as the passive one, not the aggressor. >> i think it was pretty clear to me, the logical conclusion of the person screaming loudly has to be the guy on the bottom, with the broken nose getting punched. if the jury believes that, then they believe he was in danger of imminent death or great bodily harm. i don't think the prosecution even came close. >> sean -- >> yeah, last word. >> it was never concluded who was actually yelling. remember, president reagan -- former president reagan made a statement once. whoever has the gun, the gun is
6:33 pm
known as the great equalizer, so this big soft teddy bear zimmerman had a gun. now the situation is equal. >> the guy with the broken nose? >> that's right, that didn't go to the hospital, because it wasn't that bad in his words, he's the one with the gun, so the fight is equal, he shoots, trayvon dies. >> that's the tragedy part of this. and i always said it was a misunderstanding i feel from the beginning. thank you, both. when we come back, mainstream media of this trial anything but fair. ann coulter live in studio to react to the blatant bias. here is video number three. dustin hoffman, getting choked up talking about when he played the role of a girl in a movie. [ phil ] when you have joint pain and stiffness...
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welcome back to "hannity."
6:38 pm
long before the trial began, george zimmer mman was convicte in the mainstream media. all you have to do is look at how other mainstream media is covering the trail. let's get to ann coulter. is he black, white, or hispanic, nbc, they will pay big for that. >> i hope they do. it's outrageous. this is the way the media always is. an unbelievable illustration of my last book, "mugged: racial demagog demagogueary from the mid 19 1970s." we have gone through this, the o.j. trial, and had you lots of black people cheering, white america said screw it, we're done. that was the end of it a long time. but obama appears on the scene. they want to gin up the racial
6:39 pm
dem going demagogueary. it would never have been brought if the races were reversed. >> you compare it to the duke lacrosse case. why? >> oh, they need this fake case of how racist america is out to try and rape and measuurder bla people. we have to go back two books. th we have a society where people are not equal before the law. a pecking order based on race, back to the old southern code. george zimmerman, eighth half p a black hispanic. now, keep that in mind as
6:40 pm
willi congress considers to bring in others of different races. >> you mentioned cnn, they called him white hispanic. ap calls him a self-proclaimed hispanic. >> we saw his parents in the trial. >> well, i'm a self-proclaimed african-american, so i want extra rights here. >> would you have said that about obama? i guess i want to get it right. his mother was white. wise guy. his father was part black and his mother was white. >> part kenyan. the other network coverage on this. it is as if even the lawyers on the other networks and they talk differently when they come on your show by the way. if they think what has to be shown in this trial is george
6:41 pm
zimmerman has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he did not engage in racial profiling. no, just a little word to the wise. ith not illegal for a private citizen to racially profile, not illegal to follow someone. certainly not illegal when you have a concealed carry permit in florida to have a gun on you. burden of proof 100% on the prosecution. they have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the self-defense claim was not legitimate. you do not need to have a scratch on you to fear death or imminent harm which is why it's kind of insane for people to say, oh, no, no, no. i don't think he'll be convicted on second degree murder, but will be on manslaughter. the self-defense claim, each one of those is exactly the same. in fear of -- >> bodily harm. >> bodily harm, then trayvon doesn't have had to have laid a
6:42 pm
finger on him. we saw from his head being smashed, and today the prosecution basically admit ed trayvon was on top. but was he backing away? >> it bothers me, they overcharge and get to lower the charge to give the jury options and hope the jury cuts the difference. does that bother you, that practice? >> yeah, they need to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. the media, fist crst confirmati photos. right back to the bernie getz, he shot four 11-year-olds. can we see the real pictures? you aginning up a racist incident. >> coming up, more on the george zimmerman murder trial coming
6:43 pm
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welcome back to hannity.
6:47 pm
more reaction of the zimmerman trial. c co-host of "the five." kimber kimber kimberly guilefoyle. we got a lot of inference, opinions, what does the law say, kimberly? did they meet the standard, the prosecution? >> the problem for the prosecution, i believe they overcharged the case from the beginning, but the judge allowed a manslaughter charge in. they have to demonstrate that there was ill will, hatred, depravity, complete disregard for human life and george zimmerman essentially had it out for trayvon martin, bound and determined he was going to shoot him. i don't feel the prosecution demonstrated that. and the prosecution has to prove it was unreasonable self-defense. the facts in the prosecution's
6:48 pm
case in chief clearly is that trayvon martin on top of george zimmerman and testimony from the friends, doctor demaio. this could cause a fatality, his head beaten against the ground. george zimmerman believed he was in great risk of bodily injury or death, pulled out the gun to defend himself and that's why trayvon martin was killed. he walked. >> kimberly is right on all point. they tried to minimize the injuries and minimize the threat and the testimony of mr. good. >> tried to minimize all of that in a closing statement that was weak at best, sean. weak at best. after the judge handed them a manslaughter, rather than just having it as charged, second degree murder or not guilty. acquittal. no, the judge handed them an allowance to have a lesser
6:49 pm
charge of manslaughter, and still, the prosecution's closing statement, weak on the law. the evidence doesn't support anything but a self-defense here, which is an acquittal. >> what would you expect tomorrow that would be different? i would expect we will see a lot more in terms of references to testimony for the physical evidence, the injuries. i think it will be a very different close tomorrow from the defense. >> i think it's going to be hugely different. i think o'mara is going to walk every piece of evidence with every witness, just exactly what everybody said, and then he might actually get to his own witnesses before he's actually made his case to the jury. he is going to show how the prosecution puts up witnesses that actually support self-defense, including -- including the lead detective, including their eyewitnesss, including their star websiitnesd then show animated video with
6:50 pm
all of those statements to corroborate the movements and have from point a to point b to point c, all the way through to the shooting and show how all of the little items fit and it was self-defense. >> isn't the whole narrative of the closing today, george zimmerman, an overzealous want to be cop that had it over for trayvon? >> yeah, he's a bad man with an evil heart, filled with depravity, that he wanted to basically shoot somebody that night. all of these things. but they are ignoring the law. used some mannequin, jumping onf that. the skittles, a lot of th theatrics. they talked past the sale. they should have focused and simplified for the jury and showed a lot of feigned outrage
6:51 pm
and anger. like he was the worst man in the world, but no evidence supported that is the problem. >> you were talking about the attitude in closing, you felt was offensive. >> i did. i agree with kimberly. the attitude was unnecessary. this aggression. >> you are right. >> fined aggression. aggression toward what? the evidence didn't support that. you are pleading with jurors to look at the facts. why were you yelling at them? what was the point of the yelling? i think it was unnecessary and very disrespectful to the six jurors sitting there the entire time sequestered for all of to us have justice too. >> and six women too. yelling, screaming in the face, not the right approach to relay information, to talk about the law. he should have given them more well-reasoned approach to it. >> but he couldn't, that was the problem. >> he didn't have the evidence to support it.
6:52 pm
>> mark, what did you think of the tone? i didn't ask you that. >> the tone was terrible, the acting terrible. it was totally disingenuine. feigned pain and outrage. yelling at the jurors. i can't imagine being a juror, coming at you constantly, constantly, constantly and nothing behind it. no absolute, no absolute evidence. a lot of trying, could be, and reason and not reasonable, and nothing hard. you know, it was really -- i didn't find it to be good, earth shattering, convincing, or anything else. and i think mr. o'mara will dismantle it tomorrow. >> i don't like they allow lesser charges. if they wanted manslaughter, they should have gone for manslaughter. maybe they should just split the difference. >> the jury will compromise. that's the best they can hope
6:53 pm
for. the problem under the law, and jurors won't know this. sentence guidelines. >> 30 years. >> correct. are very troubling. very extensive. not like manslaughter charges in california where he would get less time. they may think we are giving him something. i hope they are courageous, follow the law, do the right thing. >> i think it was terrible disingenuous of the judge and abused her discretion by allowing the manslaughter charge at the last minute. >> what did you think about the exchange with don west when they were questioning zimmerman. overruled. zimmerman did not have to answer any of those questions. >> no, he did not. she did not have to address him directly. and she was abusive toward him. what i would think if i were his defense attorney, and i can understand -- >> what if he said i defer to my attorneys. >> of course he can. he she put him on the spot.
6:54 pm
although, the prosecution says he's a legal expert and everything, he's not. >> an admission op the record from him, his mouth, not intending to call any other witnesses or take the stand, if he get convicted, a lot of issues for appeal. >> the only thing they missed, the marijuana. >> she hasn't allowed the defense to bring in quite a number of things. >> mark. >> does it seem like we're doing hostage negotiations instead of a trial? >> yeah. >> in many ways. pretty amazing the positiveliti. >> congrats on your anniversary. we'll reveal your choice of the video of the day, that next if you've got it, you know how hard it can be to breathe and man, you know how that feels. copd includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment
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[ herbie ] eh, hold on brent, what's this? mmmm, nice car. there's no doubt, that's definitely gonna throw him off. she's seen it too. oh this could be trouble. [ sentra lock noise ] oh man. gotta think fast, herbie. back pedal, back pedal. [ crowd cheering ] oh, he's down in flames and now the ice-cold shoulder. one last play... no, game over! gps take him to the dog house. [ male announcer ] make a powerful first impression. the all-new nissan sentra. ♪
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welcome back to "hannity." time to reveal tonight's video of the day.
6:59 pm
the surveillance video of the brave u.s. army soldier. this heart-stopping event took place when a man lost control of his electric wheelchair and beingly tumbled face first onto the d.c. metro tracks, literally landing just inches from the high volt aiblg third rail. that's when army specialist michael menchalka was descending the escalator and saw something go over the platform. he jumped on the tracks to assist the disabled man. thankfully, able to pull this man to safety. >> saw someone go over on the tracks, went to go see, looks down and there was a guy laying there. trapped in his wheelchair. doing the right thing, pretty much like anyone else would have done. >> not just the video of the day, great americans of the day, and thank goodness we have people out there. that's all the time we have this evening. let not your heart be troubled. why?
7:00 pm
greta vstanding by to take it o "the record." george zimmerman has to be nervous. in a matter of hours, his fate will be in the hands of the jury. the prosecutor made plain what he wants. he wants a conviction. >> a teenager is dead. he is dead through now fault of his own. >> he bought a skittles and some kind of iced tea. that was his crime. the defendant claims the victim was -- how is he going to talk? or is he lying about that? you hear what he's saying now? he is saying that armpit, how does he get the gun out? the defendant realizes, oh, that doesn't look good, that

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